Almost a year ago, we decided to collaborate to solve what, for many, could be a trivial problem: the ability to buy art from emerging local artists. We, however, believe this is a fundamental societal issue that reflects the current state of the Swedish art market and the country’s public cultural stance in general. It's not that there are fewer artists around us; quite the contrary. Every day, more and more people discover their calling to become artists of every kind. However, it remains extremely difficult to discover them, let alone acquire any work from them.

With this dual objective, COMA is being born. We believe it is extremely important to create tools and platforms that increase the visibility of new and emerging artists. This is only possible if an ethical and sustainable business practice helps customers acquire these artworks to keep a healthy artist community growing.

Today, we launch our digital platform COMA.SITE, our first step to reach our objectives. Alongside it, we also launch our inaugural art drop: Friendly Neighbours.

In Friendly Neighbours, we explore the subject of Encounter, one that encapsulates a first meeting, a reflection, a confrontation. It's a place where the artist connects with a newer audience, and their work is contextualised in the contemporary scene of the region. The site where you can meet your friendly neighbours.

COMA proudly presents an exclusive art drop consisting of 32 original artworks from 11 artists residing in the Västra Götaland region. We would like to thank Jessica Ekström, Tove Starfelt, Indira Sunberg, Malin Griffiths, Inez Edström Thoresson, Jesper Berglind, Maria Safronova Wahlström, Hilda Randulv, Jošt Dolinšek, Tina Damgaard, and SuYeon Seo for their trust and energy throughout the preparations for this drop.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Esse McChesney and Hanna Järgenstedt for their valuable feedback. We hope to feature you in COMA soon!

We extend our thanks to all our friends and family who provide us with support and advice; you make us stronger!

Last but not least, we thank you, the reader and visitor to COMA.SITE, for taking the time to check out our project. We truly hope you find your new favourite artwork within our drops!

We hope you like it, enjoy it!

Your friends,

Mercè, Lane, and Roberto.