Hello art enthusiasts! We're here to help you navigate the intricacies of art descriptions on our website. The world of contemporary art is nuanced, and gaining insight into its details enhances your appreciation and buying experience. Let's explore these elements thoughtfully.

  1. Technique: Insight into Artistic Craft
    • Technique represents the artist's choice of medium and materials, such as "Acrylic on Raw Cotton" or "Oil on Canvas." This detail sheds light on the creative process and the distinctive qualities of each artwork.
  2. Frame Information: Beyond Aesthetics
    • The product details section holds detailed frame information, going beyond aesthetics to include frame style, materials, and the presence of glass. These elements contribute to the overall presentation of the artwork.
  3. Year of Production: A Chronological Lens
    • The year of production serves as a chronological lens, offering a glimpse into the artist's journey. Whether a single year or a span like "2002-2005," this detail adds depth to understanding the evolution of the artwork.
  4. Measurements in cm: Sizing Up the Experience
    • Size is a crucial factor in art appreciation. The measurements, including the frame if applicable, provide perspective on how the artwork will fit into your space.


      • Technique Details: Unraveling Artistic Secrets
        • Delving into the artistic process, these details elaborate on the techniques and materials used in creating each unique piece, fostering a deeper connection with the artwork.
      • Limited Series Information: Embracing Rarity
        • Limited series pieces are denoted like "Limited edition: 1/3 + 1 AP." The fraction signifies the piece's place in a limited series. Artists Proofs (AP) and Artists Copies (AC) may be part of the series, each carrying its significance. All other pieces are unique and stand alone.
      • Frame Details: The Art of Presentation
        • Discovering the frame's material, whether it features glass, and the type of glass used. These specifics influence both visual appeal and the preservation of the artwork over time.
      • Motive Measurements: Focusing on Artistic Core
        • These measurements offer a closer look at the artwork itself, providing a more detailed understanding of its visual impact.
        • Artist's Insight: A Glimpse into Creativity
          • A brief narrative from the artist provides insight into the meaning or significance of the piece, fostering a personal connection between you and the artist's vision.


        1. Artists Proofs (AP):
          • Artists Proofs represent a small number of prints, approximately 10% of the total edition, reserved by the artist. These are often signed "AP" and considered more valuable.
        2. Artists Copies (AC):
          • Artists Copies are additional prints, beyond the limited edition, retained by the artist for personal use or promotional purposes. While not part of the numbered series, they hold artistic value.

        Embark on your art-filled journey by exploring our collection and discovering the stories behind each masterpiece.