About us

COMA, which stands for "Curated Online Market of Art,"is a platform dedicated to showcasing a carefully curated selection of artworks.

Our mission is to make discovering new art super easy for everyone. We're all about supporting emerging artists and giving them a platform to sell their art professionally and sustainably. Check out our manifesto for all the details!

Meet the fantastic team behind COMA – artists, graphic designers, software whizzes, and some business-minded folks. Together, we're on a mission to bring positive vibes to the art community!

Our official name is COMA Art AB, with organisation number 559453-1922.

We're a fully digital crew but call Gothenburg, Sweden, our official home.

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We offer artists a complete art brokerage package – marketing, web payments, and shipping handling. For this, we charge a percentage of the artwork's selling price as fee to the artist.

Check out the nitty-gritty details of buying art from us right here.

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Oops! Made a spontaneous purchase? Shoot us an email at support@coma.site, and we'll do our best to help, no major cancellation fees, we promise!

Got a change in mind? Drop us a line at support@coma.site, and we'll see what we can do to make you happy!


We use standard shipping providers. Due to our small size, they can't provide insurance on the package or special handling. Therefore, the buyer is the bearer of risk if any damage occurs in the delivery process. We also offer art-specialised shipping at a higher cost, and this option is insured, with us bearing the risk if any damage occurs in the delivery process. You can read more in detail in our Terms of Purchase here. 🚚🎨

Right now, we're sending art love only within Sweden. 🇸🇪

Excited to get your hands on some new art? We aim to deliver within 10 to 15 days after you hit that order button.

If you're around Gothenburg, why not grab your order and a coffee at Smøriga Brød? Free pick-up, yay! 🥪☕


Need to send something back? You have the right to withdraw your order up to 14 days after delivery. Shoot us an email at return@coma.site, and we'll guide you through it. Remember, you're the hero bearing the cost and risk. No exchanges, but you can always order something new!

Have questions or just want to say hi? Hit us up at info@coma.site or find more info here. We're all ears! 🎨✨