While most of the available support and advice focus on artistic practice, little guidance is offered on how to grow an artist's audience, reach larger platforms, and achieve both artistic and commercial success. We aim to fill this gap by being there for artists, helping them navigate these critical aspects of their careers. Our goal is to provide support and advice on the often-overlooked but essential 'boring stuff'—such as marketing, legal matters, and business strategies—so artists can thrive and shine in their creative endeavors.

Imagine an artist who is exceptional in their craft but struggles to showcase their work to a broader audience. This artist makes amazing art but might not know how to price it, handle contracts, or protect their work. Our program helps with that. For example, we assist with developing an exhibition plan to get their art seen by the right people or with crafting press releases.

By providing this support, we enable artists to focus more on what they do best—creating art

while we handle the complexities of the commercial and promotional side of their practice. This partnership ensures that artists not only maintain their artistic integrity but also gain the tools and knowledge necessary to build a sustainable and successful career. We believe that by helping artists navigate the commercial aspects of the art world, they can achieve greater visibility, financial stability, and ultimately, a more impactful presence in the art community.


COMA ResP (Residency Program) is a commercial partnership model that aims to support new and emerging artists in growing their careers and professionalizing their practice. Through the program, we offer advice on pricing, contract negotiations, intellectual property, PR, marketing, and business best practices. Simultaneously, we actively work to increase the artist's relevance and footprint by prospecting and executing PR pieces, shows, and exhibitions. The program represents COMA’s modern interpretation of classic gallery artist representation, tailored to fit current times.


1. To provide professional support for artists in their career development 2. To help artists achieve economic sustainability in their artistic practice 3. To be a trustworthy partner for artists in the commercial arena


We are partnering with new and emerging artists residing in Sweden, with a primary focus on visual arts. Our program is designed for artists who are looking to take ownership of their career path and seek support in the less artistic but essential commercial and legal aspects of their art practice.
Residence Program


The 1-year program is customized to align with the artist's needs and career objectives. The range of activities we plan with the artist includes serving as a commercial advisor and collaborating closely to develop and execute a full program of activities, such as solo shows, group exhibitions, and digital launches.

The program is self-financed through proceeds from the commercial success of shows and artist representation.

The structure includes an artist representation facet, where the artist can choose between full exclusivity with COMA or a hybrid degree of exclusivity.